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Welcome to the Patent Attorney's Firm Dr. Hornig in Freiburg in Breisgau

Here you will find professional, individual and client-orientated advice pertaining to all questions about intellectual property: inventions, patents, utility models, trademarks, design patents, -- ranging from applications to enforcement and vindication of your industrial property rights as well as defence of third-party claims.

Our Patent Firm deals with your inventions in all technical and physical fields, e.g. electronics, mechanics, semiconductors, sensors, measuring techniques, optics, medical techniques, vacuum technology, computer-implemented inventions and others.

Many years of industrial experience provide additional special knowledge in developing and monitoring intellectual property right portfolios, elaborating license agreements, and concerning all questions of employee invention law as well as the possibilities of compensating inventors. Temporary activities on site to support or build up a patent office in your company are also offered.

In case of disputes the firm offers, in addition to performance of infringement procedures, methods for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) like cooperative negotiation as well as mediation. Mediation is offered for intellectual property disputes as well as for other disputes in the business field.

A broad field of services is achieved by national and international cooperation.

Legal aspects

Secure a lead over your competitors through
Intellectual Property Rights provide protection against reproduction, brand value, and a cutting edge in design; they have advertising appeal and enable license income.


You are in conflict situation regarding Then mediation provides an efficient approach of solving these matters. Many conflicts can be solved by mediation in an extrajudicial and cost-saving manner, confidentially and permanently.


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